Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts Summer 2023 (Issue #91)

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Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts Summer 2023 (Issue #91)

The Summer 2023 issue of Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts includes a variety of  fascinating features and techniques, as well as nature-themed projects and patterns.

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Old-Timey Tops

Making these lathe-free kids’ toys couldn’t be simpler!

By Rita Cels

Flip-Flop Puzzle Box

Usher in the season with a strappy “sandal” that will hide all your goodies

By Rita Cels

Chocolate Lab

This intarsia bust is doggone gorgeous

By Judy Gale Roberts

Classic Car Toy

Rev up your saw and make the car that ushered in the roaring twenties

By Brad Anderson

Animal Cracker Train

All aboard! This scroll sawn locomotive is bound for fun

By Emily Lewis


Seashell Ornaments

Celebrate Christmas in July with these beachy filigree designs

By Keith Fenton

Sunflower Puzzle

Piece together a bold bloom perfect for the season

By Sarah Lyn Chamberlain

Swimming Single File

Need a last-minute Mother’s Day gift? This portrait of an adult duck with her brood is just the ticket

  By Wayne and Jacob Fowler

Magnetic Cannon

Make a super easy, magnet-propelled toy using ball bearings and plywood!

By Dave Van Ess

Aztec-Inspired Coaster

This wooden drink rest adds a Mesoamerican flair to any patio or wet bar

By Charles Hand

Spiral Fretwork Clock

Scroll a one-of-a-kind time keeper

By John A. Nelson

Flower Shelf-Sitter

These “fresh-cut” daisies are the perfect gift for the gardener in your life

By Robert Carpentier

Home Sweet Home Sign

Hone your segmentation skills on a simple, seasonal accent

By Deborah Lawrence

Kingfisher Fretwork

Practice cutting feathers, tree bark, and other natural elements in this dynamic portrait

By Charlie Dearing

Summer Sun Puzzle

Beachcombing, sunbathing, scuba diving—this project has everything you need to enter vacation mode

By Jaeheon Yun


Learn to Ebonize

Make this DIY stain in just five easy steps!

By Staff of Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts

Citrus Glass Charms

Top off your beverage with a zesty resin accent

By Clayton Meyers

Windswept Tree Puzzle

Create movement by contouring with sanders and a rotary tool

By Fiona Kingdon

Web Extras

Free Project – Scroll the perfect gift for gardeners with Charles Hand’s fretwork ode to pollinators.

Click Here for Floral Fretwork Project

Extra Pattern – Once you’ve scrolled John A. Nelson’s clock, visit our website for an alternative fretwork clock pattern.

Click Here for Extra Clock Pattern

Bonus Videos – Check out our videos on the Scroll Sanders and Magnetic Cannon in action!

Click Here for Scroll Sanders Video Click Here for Magnetic Cannon Video
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