Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts Fall 2023 (Issue #92)

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Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts Fall 2023 (Issue #92)

The Fall 2023 issue of Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts includes a variety of fascinating features and techniques, as well as autumn-themed projects and patterns.

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Why Does My Saw…?

Learn about six common scrolling dilemmas and how to solve them

By Carole Rothman

Should You Add a Planer to Your Shop?

Discover a versatile tool that defines wood preparation

By Jon Deck

Scrolling in the Garden Shed

For French woodworker Jean-Bernard Germe, simplicity paved the way to success

By Kaylee Schofield


Expressive Corgi Portrait

Apply these techniques to any intarsia pet design

By Janette Square

Rubik’s® Cube Puzzle Box

Scroll a new twist on a classic game

By Rita Cels

Witch Intarsia

Set the mood for a memorable Halloween with this grim-looking character

By Brad Eklund and Hazel Trinidad

Penny Shooter

Transform plywood scraps into an innovative little toy

By Al Baggetta


Autumn Leaves

Stack cut these glorious fretwork ornaments and hang them all over your home

By Wayne and Jacob Fowler

Hiking Couple

This freestanding ode to the outdoors takes under 30 minutes to cut, sand, and finish

By Jean-Bernard Germe (2virgule5d)

Bats and Moon Puzzle

This sleek two-tone puzzle evokes the feel of a blustery autumn night

By Al Baggetta

Goose on Pond Fretwork

Capture the tranquility of a remote pond in this striking portrait

By Charles Hand

Vine Fretwork Clock

Cut a stylish timekeeper without spending hours on frets!

By John A. Nelson

Compound-Cut Giraffe Pair

This power couple is ready to take on the savanna

By Sue Mey

Skunk Puzzle

All the cuteness, none of the odor—this project is an instant win

By Sarah Lyn Chamberlain

Owl Fretwork

Hang up this watchful bird and keep it out year-round

By Daria Alyoshkina

Layered Mandala

Let your eyes follow this wandering 3D composition

By Dan Wilckens

Jukebox Puzzle

Rock around the clock with this Day-Glo design

By Tim Gilman

Mummy Intarsia

Turn four little scraps into a spook-tacular magnet or wall hanging

By Brad Eklund and Hazel Trinidad

Howling Wolf Fretwork

Unleash your wild spirit with this stylized woodland scene

By Sue Mey


Pumpkin Wall Safe

This jack-o’-lantern trickster doubles as a small storage area

By Rita Cels

Autumn Gourds

Shape and paint a quartet of colorful pumpkins from plywood

By Charles Hand

Web Extras

Free Project – Want more toys? Scroll a colorful wheely rooster by Cony Zwahlen!

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Updated Patterns- Find revised patterns for Kingfisher Fretwork and Old-Timey Tops patterns from Summer 2023 (Issue 91).

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