Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts Spring 2023 (Issue #90)

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Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts Spring 2023 (Issue #90)

The Spring 2023 issue of Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts includes a variety of  fascinating features and techniques, as well as nature-themed projects and patterns.

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In This Issue



Scroll Saw Roundup

Check out our latest breakdown of saws to try, from budget to top-tier

By Kaylee Schofield 


Robin Segmentation 

This well-known songbird makes for a stunning stylized portrait

By Anatoly Obelets 

Mechanical Mallard

Make a wooden wonder that waddles back and forth

By Philip Wilkinson


Pivot Lid Dice Boxes

No need to gamble with your keepsakes; these scrolled vessels are a safe bet

By Carole Rothman 

Butterfly Fretwork 

Pair delicate cuts with colored acrylic for a winning decoration

By Jon Deck 



The Couple

Celebrate your sweetheart with a simple yet impactful cutout

By Jean-Bernard Germe

Fretwork Insects

Don’t bug out—these cute creepy-crawlies are the perfect spring project

By Wayne and Jacob Fowler

A Family of Dinos

Want to retreat to prehistoric times? This sweet, stackable puzzle is just the ticket

By Jaeheon Yun

Cat Next Door 

Celebrate backyard visitors with a lovable feline fretwork

By Charles Hand

Compound-Cut Flowers

These colorful buds will stand the test of time  

By Clayton Meyers

Spring Sign

Adorn a desk, bookshelf, or favorite nook with this 3D fretwork piece

By Al Baggetta

Cherry Blossom Cross

Grace a hardwood symbol of the season with simple botanical shapes

By Wayne and Jacob Fowler

Fighter Jet

Showcase an interesting piece of hardwood in this beginner-friendly toy

By Brad Anderson

Electric Guitar Puzzles

Fire up the scroll saw and “shred” on these rockin’ designs  

By Tim Gilman

Easy Vases

Scroll a sturdy vessel for your favorite flower

By Sue Mey 


Green Man Fretwork

Bold shapes and exquisite kerf details combine in this twisty, turny portrait

By Fiona Kingdon


Kids on Swings

Sick of being cooped up inside? These intarsia pieces are a breath of fresh air

By Kathy Wise

Scrolled Valentine Bowl

The heart holds many a splendid thing—literally! Fill this sweet vessel with a host of small keepsakes

By Dave Van Ess

Online Exclusives

Free Project  Want more ramp walkers? Visit our website to build Paul Fellay’s new woodpecker design. 

Click Here For Woodpecker Ramp Walker Project

Bonus Feature Discover how woodworker Paul Daher used a scroll saw to build a musical instrument in 17th-century style. 

Click Here for Harpsichord Feature

More Project DownloadsFind more scrolling projects and patterns in the How To section of our website. 

Click Here For The How To Section

Updated Patterns Download and scroll Dave Van Ess’ revised Angel Monograms from the winter issue (#89). 


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