Editorial Information

Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts magazine is looking for new contributors. If you have original designs you’d like to share with enthusiastic scrollers, please consider submitting them to us. We publish a little bit of everything: portraits; fretwork decor; compound projects; puzzles (flat, layered, standing); intarsia, segmentation, inlay, and intarsia; boxes, bowls, and baskets; ornaments; holiday decor; jewelry; word art; toys and games; gizmos and gadgets; and themed gift items. We just ask that you only submit your original designs (not modified versions of anyone else’s patterns) and that the majority of the project be made on the scroll saw.

There are several ways to contribute to Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts:
Artists to Watch: Please send a high resolution, clearly focused photo of one of your projects and tell us a little bit about it–the name, size, material, and inspiration if original or designer if you use someone else’s pattern. Please include your name and address, and a bit about yourself, as well. E-mail submissions to editors@scrollsawer.com.

Tips & Techniques: Found a tip or technique that makes cutting easier? Designed and created a new storage device? Discovered a way to get more out of your tools or material? E-mail the tip and high resolution, clearly focused photo to the editorial team at editors@scrollsawer.com.

How-to articles: We are always looking for new, original designs to publish. If you have created a design you’d like to share with fellow scrollers, please send a photo and description, as well as some information about yourself (how long have you been scrolling, how did you learn, what techniques do you use, what shows do you do, and have you won any awards) to editors@scrollsawer.com. We publish both step-by-step articles and just patterns. For a step-by-step article, we will expect you to cut the piece again, documenting each step in writing and photos, and send the project to us for additional photography.

Feature stories: We publish very few features about artists. When we do, we’re looking for an outstanding body of work created in a unique and distinctive style by an experienced artist. We also consider artists who have developed an interesting technique that they are willing to share. If you feel that you meet either of those criteria, please send a selection of photos of your work and information about yourself (see above) to editors@scrollsawer.com. Note that we will expect you to provide professional-quality photos of your work and yourself for the feature. You do not need to write an article; we will hire a freelance writer to do that, should we decide to pursue the story.

Tool reviews: We review a number of tools and scrolling materials. If you have a press release about a tool or new scrolling material, e-mail it to Kaylee Schofield at schofield@foxchapelpublishing.com.


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