Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts Spring 2024 (Issue #94)

Current Issue / Spring Scrolling

Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts Spring 2024 (Issue #94)

The Spring 2024 issue of Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts includes a variety of fascinating features and techniques, as well as nature-themed projects and patterns.

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Wood Profile: Purpleheart

Get to know a fun, exotic hardwood that’ll add flair to scrolled bowls, fretwork, and intarsia

By Janette Square


Baby Giraffe Intarsia Portrait

Hone your sanding skills with this challenging but rewarding project

By Judy Gale Roberts


3D Tulips

Scroll and paint a field of flowers with this kid-friendly design

By Dave Van Ess

Feed the Birds

Practice scrolling small pieces with this freestanding cutout

By Jean-Bernard Germe

Botanical Trivet

Inspired by an old Norwegian art form, this fretwork is the perfect accent to any dinner table

By Charles Hand

Snail Garden Stakes

Add some zip to your garden this year with clever plant markers

By Wayne and Jacob Fowler

Easter Resurrection Scene

Reclaimed wood and simple stains give this reflective display a rustic look

By Danielle Wendell

Layered Fish Ornaments

Scroll a school of swimming fretwork decorations

By Keith Fenton

Spring Mushroom Inlay

Celebrate the colors of the forest in this cheerful ode to fungi

By Eric Blackwell

Cat’s Cradle

Scrap wood and basic cuts add up to a ton of fun with this stacking puzzle

By Dave Van Ess

Classic Citroën Puzzle

Rev up your scroll saw and take off with this stylish car

By Eric Van Malderen

Birthday Decorations

Easy cake and lettering patterns make a nice statement for someone’s special day

By Wayne and Jacob Fowler

Hummingbird Portraits

Capture the charm of these tiny but mighty fliers

By Sheila Landry

Intarsia Unicorn

This elusive creature is magically easy to make

By Brad Eklund and Hazel Trinidad

 Into the Night

Capture the beauty of the lynx in this dramatic fretwork portrait

By Charles Hand

 Lyrical Herb Box

Spice up the garden with a stylized crate for your favorite edible plants

By Jon Deck


Valentine Card Segmentation

Plywood layers and simple shaping make this piece a go-to gift for various occasions

By Danielle Wendell

Beehive Box

Try some creative gluing and shaping techniques in this sweet project

By Carole Rothman

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Free Project Want more garden goodies? Scroll some veggie stakes from Jon Deck!

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