Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts Spring 2021 (Issue #82)

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Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts Spring 2021 (Issue #82)

The Spring 2021 issue of Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts includes a variety of patterns and features, as well as kid-friendly projects and an interesting techniques. 

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In This Issue 




Space-Saving Hacks from a Tiny Workshop

Learn to pack a table saw, band saw, 200+ tools, and 102 sq. ft. of shelves into an 8×6 shop space

By Stephen Watson

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  Turning Kids’ Drawings into Scroll Sawn Art

Preserve your young artist’s work in a medium that won’t crumple or tear

By Megan Yardley

  The Puzzle Zoo

South Korean artist Jaeheon Yun turns “families” of animals into massive wooden constructions 

By Kaylee Schofield


Ramp Walker Toys

This hedgehog and armadillo were meant to race—no wheels required

By Paul Fellay


Squeaky-Clean Word Art 

Make cleaning routines fun with these chic “wash” and “dry” signs

By Anna Hagen and Nikki Hollerich

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Any Port In a Storm

Capture the movement of a turbulent sea in three stunning layers of fretwork 

By Fiona Kingdon

Easy Interlocking Unicorns

This adaptable puzzle can be as big or as small as you’d like

By Dave Van Ess

Compound-Cut Cacti

Populate your favorite ledge or windowsill with a family of low-maintenance plants

By Sue Mey

Compound-Cut Water Bird

These elegant egrets will give you no regrets

By Diana Thompson 



Pouncing Kitten Intarsia

Use dynamic hardwoods to give this feline a set of natural stripes

By Janette Square

Insect Shadow Box Segmentation

Delight a nature-lover with this no-kill collection of colorful bugs

By Emily Lewis

Classic Toy Helicopter

Patrol the skies in style with this sleek hardwood flier

By Brad Anderson

Elegant Ringed Caddy

Hey, it’s teatime somewhere! Use this smooth jar to safely store loose tea bags or leaves

By Carole Rothman

  Animal Kingdom Mega Puzzle

More than 20 classic creatures make up this interlocking design

By Jaeheon Yun


Block-Printed Tees from the Scroll Saw

Make wearable, custom gifts for as little as $6 a pop

By the Staff of Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts


Online Exclusives

More Inspiration

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Tiny Workshop Gallery

Free Project

Scroll a magical unicorn puzzle the whole family will love.

Click Here for the Proud Unicorn Pattern

Product Review 

Need a daily dose of cuteness? These kiddos making sawdust with the PLAYmake 4in1 will warm your heart.

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