Painter's Pyramids

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Painter's Pyramids

issues-ssw31-Paint-Pyramid1The simple design masks the usefulness of these plastic pyramids.

Trust Lee Valley to come up with a modern approach to an age old problem—how to elevate your project for finishing without damaging the wood or marring the finish. The new painters’ pyramids do just that.

In the past, woodworkers have made finishing tables by driving nails up through a piece of wood, but unless you make a new finishing table for each project, you are limited in how you can arrange the “points.” The individual pyramids allow you to use as many—or as few—as you want or need. The shape of the pyramids gives you a solid base and the small, slightly rounded point doesn’t damage the wood or the finish.

The pyramids are useful for both brush-on and spray-on finishes. In addition to holding the pieces up to give you access to more than one surface at a time, the elevated pieces tend to dry faster. The pyramids also work well as “stickers” between pieces of wood you’ve stacked to dry.

The painters’ pyramids cost $5.95 for a package of 10, but the shipping and handling is $7.95, so I’d add it to a larger order from Lee Valley. Visit, or call 800-871-8158.