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Product Review – Rockler Bench Cookie Bridge Caps

rockler-cookiesBy Bob Duncan

Rockler popularized non-skid work supports with their Bench Cookies Wood Grippers, which resemble a hockey puck and have non-slip rubber on the top and bottom. They grip both the bench and the project firmly, allowing you to work on a piece without clamping it. The company has introduced many additional accessories, including both pyramid- and bridge-shaped caps to use with the Bench Cookies
for finishing.

For scrollers, the Bridge Caps are especially useful. The pyramids elevate projects well, but they tend to slip into the holes in fretwork projects. The bridges, on the other hand, have an elongated shape that ends at a rounded point, which spans openings like frets without disturbing fresh finish.

A set of four Bench Cookies is available for $12.49 and a set of four bridges is available for $5.99 from Rockler, 800-279-4441,