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Best Ever Picture Screws

issues-ssw26-Pictute-HangerLee Valley’s new picture screw offers a strong grip

Lee Valley has designed a screw to be used specifically for hanging items on walls. The screw, which features a very small core, but large threads, will hold up to 20 pounds when screwed into drywall. There is an integral 3/8″-diameter washer that rests against the wall and keeps the screw from levering out of the wall. This levering action is what usually loosens traditional screws.

The screws have a combination slotted, square, Phillips drive and go in easy, but leave a very small hole if removed. They work with traditional wire hangers, keyhole slots, and most other wall fastners.

The picture screws are available for $3.40 for 10, plus $7.50 S&H, so it is best to add them to an existing order. Contact Lee Valley at, 800-871-8158.