Product Reviews

Black & Decker Autosense Drill

pr-screw-gunBy Bob Duncan

Everyone who has ever used a cordless drill as a power screwdriver has experienced the moment when you squeeze the trigger a little too hard and … CRACK! … snap the wood around the screw. This will never happen with Black & Decker’s new Autosense cordless drill.

Drills have had manual clutches for years, but using one is often a trial-and-error process for each project. I usually get so frustrated that I end up switching to the “drill” setting, which disengages the clutch altogether.

The Autosense features an automatic clutch that increases or reduces the torque based on the resistance the screw encounters. The 20 volt lithium ion battery is light and powerful, and holds a charge well. The only time the screwdriver even slowed down was when I was using it to drive
3″-long drywall screws into construction lumber—and I would expect that from any cordless drill. Despite slowing a little, the Autosense kept driving the screws without resorting to the “drill” setting (and without the associated risk of snapping the screw).

The Black & Decker Autosense Drill is available at many retailers for $79. Visit to find a local retailer.