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Lee Valley Tape Tip

issues-ssw28-Tape-TipWhile Lee Valley’s Tape Tip is a simple little device, it is a surprisingly useful tool.

While Lee Valley’s Tape Tip is a simple little device, it is a surprisingly useful tool.

Two tiny rare-earth magnets secure the tip to an ordinary tape measure. The tips shine when it comes to measuring diagonals to ensure that your box construction is square. To check for squareness, woodworkers measure from corner to corner on opposite sides and make sure the measurement is exactly the same. If you need to measure from the inside corners, the angled tip of the “boss” on the bottom of the tool fits tightly into the corner and doesn’t pop out, making it much easier for you to get an accurate measurement—just be sure to add 1″. If you can measure from outside corners, the other end of the “boss” catches the corner exactly, creating a much more secure and accurate grip than the straight tip of a tape measure.

It is also useful when measuring to or from any angled piece. If you use the top angled tip to measure an angle less than or greater than 90°, add 11/2″.

The tool also can be used as a marking gauge. A pencil fits securely in the notched end (opposite of the angled tip). If you drive a screw part of the way through the molded hole, you can use the tool as a compass. And if you are measuring over a great distance, you can add a screw to the molded hole to act as an extra hand securing the end of the tape measure.

The tape tip is available from Lee Valley for $3.95, but since shipping and handling is $7.50, it is something you want to tack on to another order. Contact Lee Valley at 800-871-8158, www.LeeValley.com.