Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts Winter 2019 (Issue #77)

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Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts Winter 2019 (Issue #77)

The Winter 2019 issue of Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts includes a variety of projects, patterns, and features, as well as interesting techniques. 

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In This Issue 

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Spotlight: Chris Maynard

This artist cuts birds of a feather–literally!

By Danielle Schagrin

  Should You Add a Lathe to Your Shop?

Turn this tool into a useful scroll saw companion

By Kaylee Schofield 

Wood Profile: Redheart 

Don’t let its density deter you from falling in love with this tropical hardwood

By Bob Duncan


Hardwood Steam Train

Spread Christmas cheer with this attractive ode to the Polar Express

By Judy and Dave Peterson

Soaring Angel Fretwork

Craft a celestial scene with a folk art twist

By Carole Behrer

  Old-Timey Pull Toys

Scroll every inch of these classic designs–even the wheels!

By John A. Nelson

  Rustic Winter Scene

Use tree branches to create a moonlit sleigh ride through the forest

By Armin Täubner 

Gift Wine Tags

Make any occasion special with these elegant, easy-to-cut mementos

By Anna Bondoc

  Modern Ornaments

Trim your tree with these clever takes on a snowman and snowflake

By Anna Bondoc

  Perchers Fretwork

This stylized flock of birds will be a feather in your cap

By Chris Maynard

Stylized Lion and Tiger

Cat’s out of the bag! These geometric inlay pieces are an animal-lover’s dream!

By Antoinette and Stanley Wong

  Bear Cub Fretwork

Use negative space to create the illusion of shiny fur

By Charles Hand

Snowy Hemlock

Scroll an arboreal puzzle for each of your tree-loving friends

By Harvey Byler


Snowman & Chickadee Intarsia

With a redheart hat and a cedar nose, Frosty just got a glow-up

By Judy Gale Roberts

Mini Reindeer & Sleigh

You know Dasher, Dancer, and the rest… now you can compound-cut them in a matter of minutes!

By Dave Van Ess

Classic Woodie Intarsia

This nostalgic car ornament feels like going home for the holidays

By Janette Square

  Paw Print Ornaments 

Christmas is going to the dogs (and cats)!

By Janette Square

  Toy Tugboat

This vibrant vessel will charm young sailors and landlubbers alike

By Brad Anderson

Elegant Italian Shelf

Elevate ordinary planks into a chic wall piece

By Annemarie Adams and Tim Dekker

Walnut Whippet Automaton

Turn the crank to make this lively pup frolic

By Wanda Sowry

Online Exclusives

See Wanda Sowry’s whippet automaton (page 58) in action!

Download the pattern for an additional pull-toy (page 24).

Car Pull Toy Pattern

Learn more about how to handle different kinds of wood (page 68) in our How To section under Material for Beginners.

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