Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts Summer 2020 (Issue #79)

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Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts Summer 2020 (Issue #79)

The Summer 2020 issue of Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts includes a variety of projects, patterns, and features, as well as an interesting technique. 

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In This Issue 

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Daria Alyoshkina’s Light Tapestries

This artist creates massive “fretwork” panels using two simple tools

By Kaylee Schofield


Wood Profile: Maple

Looking for variety and natural beauty? Make it maple!

By Janette Square


Resawing Wood for the Scroll Saw

Save cash by using a band saw to make custom blanks

By Rolf Beuttenmuller


Pedestal Dessert Stand

Pretty and practical double bevel inlay project lets you have your cake and eat it, too

By Carole Rothman


Popsicle Toy Set

Cute, customizable, and cheap to make, these sweet treats are a perfect first scrolling project

By Jaime Costiglio


Fretwork Parrot

Pirate’s best friend has never looks so fly

By Charlie Dearing


Stylized Honey Bee

Are you the queen (or king) of your workshop? Show it with this dazzling stack-cut fretwork

By Daria Alyoshkina


Eiffel Tower Desk Sitter

Give your space Parisian flair with this chic compound-cut decoration

By Sue Mey


Geometric Sunburst Fretwork

Brighten up your home with this sizzling layered design

By Charles Hand

Floral Trivets

Turn rich hardwoods into delicate “doilies” you can use over and over again!

By Ghylenn Descamps

Hot-Air Balloon Puzzles

Dreamy designs are satisfyingly simple to cut and finish

By Sarah Lyn Chamberlain


Bald Eagle Fretwork

Create feather texture so realistic, your friends won’t believe it’s wood!

By Charles Hand

Tropical Fish Mobile

Adorn your room with a school of swimming sea creatures

By Bill Miller

Playful Octopus Puzzle

Curlicues and a wavy cutting technique add movement to this eight-legged stunner

By Judy and Dave Peterson



Red-Eyed Tree Frog

Bring home a slice of tropical paradise with this bright-eyed intarsia climber

By Janette Square


Fourth of July Puzzle

Jump into scrolling and woodburning with this firecracker of a project

By Carolea Hower

Flamingo Intarsia

Prep for your next beach party with this trio of tropical birds

By Anatoly Obelets

Frog Pond Automaton

Straightforward mechanism lets you skip right to the details in this whimsical scene

By Wanda Sowry


Online Exclusives

Bonus Video

See Wanda Sowry’s Frog Pond Automaton in action!

See Video

Extra Pattern

Download a bonus Hot-Air Balloon Puzzle pattern.

Hot Air Ballon Pattern

Wood Profiles

Learn more about how to handle different kinds of wood in our How To section under Materials for Beginners.

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