Scroll Saw Arm Lifter

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Scroll Saw Arm Lifter

This simple device holds the saw arm up while you change blades

By the Staff of Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts


The Scroll Saw Arm Lifter, designed by Hector Garcia and sold by Bear Woods, is a simple add-on for a DeWalt or Delta saw that does what it says: it holds the saw arm up while you change or feed blades. You can install it in a couple of minutes—just swap out three screws, and you are done.

To use the Lifter, you raise the arm and align the Lifter bar with the thumbscrew, which holds the arm up. Lift the arm to free the bar from the thumbscrew when you’re ready. It’s a simple design that works as advertised.

When we first received the bar, it didn’t come with any instructions. See the videos below to see how some of our staff tried to install it. Once we received instructions, the process was super easy; Bear Woods also has an installation video on their website.

At $33 plus shipping and handling, you’re paying a premium for convenience, but there is no denying that the Lifter is a great idea that works well.

Without the installation instructions, we were puzzled by the bar…

But once we saw a photo, installation was quick and easy.

The DeWalt Scroll Saw Arm Lifter is available from Bear Woods,