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Product Review – Delta 40-695

40-695_hero2By Bob Duncan

The new Delta 40-695 scroll saw looks a lot different from the previous model, the 40-690, and incorporates some nice updates. At the same time, the new saw retains the best features of the popular but now discontinued DeWalt 788 that it was based on. The 788 was my top choice for mid-range saws, and that designation carries over to the new Delta 40-695.

One of the nicest new features on the 40-695 is that the arm lifts up and locks in position. Previous models required aftermarket add-ons to hold the arm up.

Most of the other updates focus on the shapes of the speed control and the tension arm. The new shapes look more streamlined but are just as easy to use and adjust as the earlier designs. The blade holders and other critical parts remain unchanged. The new saw can still top feed or bottom feed, and the overall action of the arm is unchanged. The saw cuts the same as its predecessor, the DeWalt 788.

The real advantage to the 40-695 is that, unlike most saws, it comes with a light and stand. The three-legged stand is easy to level, which reduces the overall vibration of the saw. Additionally, the single back leg allows you to raise the back of the saw, which angles the saw table forward and makes it easier to see your project. The integrated light on an adjustable arm allows you to angle the beam of light exactly where you want it so you can always see the line you are cutting.

The saw has an oval table that tilts both ways up to 45°. The 20″-long arm will cut wood up to 1 1/2″ thick (if you remove the hold-down, which most scrollers do as soon as they get the saw out of the box). The saw also has a five-year warranty.

 The MSRP is $499.99 for the saw, stand, and light. For a list of retailers, visit or call 800-368-1487.