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issues-ssw25-New-Sand-FleeThe 9″ Sand Flee by RJR Studios is the perfect addition to a small scrolling shop

The 9″ Sand Flee portable drum sander is the perfect addition to a serious scroller’s shop.

Comprised of a precision-machined sanding drum set into an adjustable, machined-flat table, the 9″ Sand Flee, a scaled-down version of the original Sand Flee, makes short work of delicate sanding operations. Because the table is adjustable, you can set it to sand very lightly, which allows you to safely sand fretwork.

Coarser grits work well for flattening warped or rough wood, producing the flat surface that scrollers need for best results—nothing is worse than trying to scroll a warped or rough blank that bounces around on the table. The coarse grits also make short work of any irregularities in glued up panels.

It is easy to change grits thanks to the hook and loop fasteners, which hold the sandpaper tightly against the wheel. The motor is easily powerful enough for most sanding operations; the only time it bogged down was when I set the table to sand off 3/16″.

In summary, the 9″ Sand Flee is a great addition to a scroller’s shop. You may need to do a little hand sanding to finish a piece, but the tool will expedite one of the more tedious tasks of finishing your project.

The 9″ Sand Flee is available for $499.95 from RJR Studios, 609-801-1800,