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18″ Sand-Flee Portable Drum Sander

sand-flee-beauty-r-glowBy Bob Duncan

A portable drum sander, such as a Sand-Flee, forgoes the conveyor belt and requires you to move the stock by hand. It takes a bit of practice to keep the feed rate steady, but Rolf Beuttenmuller, an SSW test cutter, sees the hand control as a plus. He uses a Sand-Flee to remove the fuzzies from 1/16″-thick ornaments and then attaches a MacMop sanding mop to the power take-off shaft, which allows him to finish sanding the ornaments using just one machine. Additionally, because there is no top, this tool handles wood of any thickness. 

The 18″ Sand-Flee is available for $980 and the 9″ Sand-Flee is available for $799.95. Contact RJR Studios,