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Product Review – Ply90 Brackets

ply90-bracketsBy Bob Duncan

When you’re displaying your work at craft or art shows, you often need temporary shelving or display space. The shelves need to be sturdy and solid, but you also need to be able to take them down quickly. Ply90 brackets turn ordinary 1/2″- to 3/4″-thick plywood into solid benches or shelves. You simply cut the plywood to size, allowing for the brackets, and then attach the brackets and tighten the screws. When I created a step stool from 3/4″ plywood, I was able to stand and bounce on it without the clamps slipping. To disassemble the displays, unscrew the clamps and pack everything flat.

Ply90 brackets are available in sets of four (with screws for different thicknesses of plywood) for $30 plus S&H from Plyproducts,