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Product Review – MaxMetrix Glue Injector

max-glue-injector-zMaxMetrix Glue Injector

By Bob Duncan

The MaxMetrix Glue Injector lets you put a thin bead or tiny drop of glue exactly where you want it every single time.

The injector, designed to inject glue under high pressure into failing joints, gives you a great deal more control than ordinary glue bottles. The small knurled-brass tip lets you put precise amounts of glue along the edges of thin fretwork pieces or tiny intarsia or segmentation pieces. This precision reduces the amount of glue squeeze-out, which speeds up your assembly and cleanup processes. The injector comes with a 1/32″ (1mm)-diameter tip for precise glue placement, but a larger 1/16″ (2mm)-diameter tip, which allows you to apply more glue with less precision, is available.

The overall shape of the injector, vaguely reminiscent of a vintage medical syringe, gives you a great deal of control not only over the placement of the glue, but how much you apply. The entire plunger is removable to make cleanup simple. Use water-based wood glue such as Titebond or Elmer’s wood glue.

The MaxMetrix Glue Injector is available for around $24. Call 480-998-3503 or visit the company’s website at to find a local retailer.