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Product Review – Amana Tools Miniature Router Bits

amana-miniature-bits22Amana Tools Miniature Router Bits

By Bob Duncan

Amana Tools offers a set of miniature carbide-tipped router bits that are perfect for intricate scroll saw projects. These 1/4″ (6mm)-diameter-shaft edge-shaping bits come complete with a
3/16″ (5mm)-diameter ball bearing.

For bits designed to shape the edges of a blank, manufacturers add ball bearings, which ride on the edges of the wood and control the depth of the cut. Most miniature router bits use a brass pin, which absorbs the heat generated by friction while the bits cut and can scorch the wood. The bearings on the Amana Tools bits reduce the chance of scorching.

Five profiles are available: a 7/32″ (5.5mm)-radius rabbet bit, a 3/32″ (2.5mm)-radius flush-trim bit, a 9/32″ (7mm)-radius Roman-ogee bit, a 1/8″ (3mm)-radius bevel-trim bit, and a 3/16″ (5mm)-radius corner-rounding bit.

Combining the small profiles, carbide tips, and ball bearings, these bits are ideal for scrollers working on small projects. They fit into the smaller and easier-to-control trim routers and allow you to shape and profile thin delicate stock. The carbide points stay sharp, which reduces the chance of burning the wood. I used the miniature flush-trim bit with a router table to quickly match parts and shapes in pieces I couldn’t stack cut.

The bits range in price from $18.90 for the flush-trim bit to $25.50 for the corner-rounding bit. Call 800-445-0077 or visit to order or to find a local retailer.