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Dremel 4200

pr-dremel-4200-ez-changeBy Bob Duncan

Dremel constantly makes changes to their rotary tools. The 4200 incorporates a new toolless bit-changing system with a number of popular accessories.

The new bit-changing system alone is worth the price of the kit. Gone are the days of hunting for a little wrench or fighting with the three-jaw chuck. To change bits, pull up on the strong spring-action lever, take the old bit out, and put the new bit in. At times, the spring seems almost too strong, and it can be a bit awkward to pull up, but it’s better than fighting with the wrench, collet, and nut.

Included with the kit are the lawn mower blade and garden tool sharpening attachment, the rotary shield attachment, a circle cutter and straight edge guide, a sanding and grinding guide, the multipurpose cutting kit, and the detailer’s grip. These attachments turn the Dremel from a woodcarving tool into a tool sharpener, router, spiral cutter, and even a grout remover, and they are easy to attach. The attachments are light duty, but if you only need to cut circles or sharpen lawn mower blades a couple times a year, they serve their purpose.

The 4200 kit also comes with a variety of cutting, carving, and polishing bits and wheels, as well as sanding drums. The kit is inclusive enough that you’ll be able to get a feel for what other bits you might like.

The kit is available for $129.99. For a local retailer, visit or call 800-437-3635.