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Dremel® Workstation

issues-ssw25-dremelScrollstation-1The Dremel Workstation turns your rotary tool into a drill press and stationary grinder

Dremel has adapted it’s drill press into a complete drilling and grinding station. The workstation is designed to hold any of the standard Dremel rotary tools, and, when combined with Dremel’s three-jaw chuck, it is perfect for drilling blade-entry holes.

In addition to being able to drill holes perfectly square to the blank, the workstation lets you drill at an angle. While most blade-entry holes need to be square to the blank, some advanced techniques require you to drill at an exact angle.

If you rotate the Dremel 90° clockwise or counterclockwise, it turns into a stationary grinder that can be equipped with a number of different bits. By equipping the Dremel with a sanding drum, you have a stationary drum sander .

The Dremel Workstation is available for $59.99 from most large retailers and home improvement stores. For a retailer near you, visit www.dremel.com, or call 800-437-3635.