Light Reduces Strain on Eyes

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Light Reduces Strain on Eyes

issues-ssw27-Lamp-in-ShopThe BlueMax High Definition Lamp makes a big difference when you’re scrolling by providing bright, shadow-free light.

Full Spectrum Light

It’s hard to explain how the light is different from ordinary light. The only word I can think of is “clean.” Colors pop out under the light, and the contrast between white and black is amazing.

I’ve tried many methods of making the line show up better against the scroll saw blade, but none of that is necessary with the BlueMax light.

The BlueMax technology is based on the therapy lights for people affected by Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a form of winter depression caused in part by a lack of sunlight. The lights simulate sunlight and provide light at a wavelength that is more comfortable to read or work under.

Just under 8″-wide, the units use three double light tubes. Unlike many traditional lights the light is virtually shadow free. The lamps are an investment, ranging in price from $159 for desk models up to $239 for floor models. But they come with a lifetime warranty which covers 100% of the parts and labor. Once you work under one of these lamps, you’ll wonder how you ever managed with an ordinary light.

BlueMax lamps can be ordered through Full Spectrum Solutions at or 877-258-3629. The shipping price depends on your location, but ranges from $9 to $25.