FREE PATTERN: Scroll This Elegant Fretwork Timepiece

issues-ssw28-Overlay-Clock-LeadClassic Roman clock face is easy to scroll

The fretwork portion of this project, with roman numerals and scrolls, is simple enough for a beginner to achieve good results. Paired with a simple backing board of a contrasting color, it makes a striking wall clock. The overlay can also be used to replace a store bought mechanism on more complex projects.

I use walnut stain to darken the overlay, but a dark hardwood can be used instead. Maple, beech, and light oak are all good choices for the backing.

Cut the blanks to the size listed in the materials list, then sand with 150-grit sandpaper. Sand the wood again with 320-grit sandpaper. This reduces the amount of hand sanding you need to do later; you run the risk of breaking the fragile parts of the overlay if you wait to sand after cutting.

I find I have better control if I stack-cut the clock face. This provides support for the fragile areas and allows me to make several projects at once. Cover the surface of the workpiece with masking tape to allow for easy removal of the pattern after cutting. Apply the pattern to the taped surface. Use a compass to draw an 8″-diameter circle on the backing piece. Mark the center position, using a punch and mallet.

Click on the image gallery to see complete step-by-step instructions. Download the pattern for this project from the article attachment.

Fretwork Pattern Download
Alternative Pattern Featuring IV instead of IIII