Freestanding Fretwork Clock


Freestanding Fretwork Clock

issues-ssw38-Floral-Clock-silo_640x480Beautiful fretwork design showcases your cutting skills

Cut by Ben Fink

This elegant fretwork clock makes a great decoration for a shelf or mantel. The fretwork is easy to stack cut and the project makes a beautiful Mother’s Day or Easter gift.

Start by drilling the blade-entry holes for the fretwork. Drill the 1/16″-diameter holes where indicated on the leg and ears. Drill in about 1″ from both sides of the leg. Cut the fretwork in the clock and leg, and the hole for the clock insert. Then cut the perimeter of all four pieces. Sand away any rough spots with 220-grit sandpaper. Then sand the 15° taper on the top of the leg. Glue and clamp the ears to the back of the clock.

Apply your finish of choice. I use Danish oil to highlight the grain and seal the piece with Deft spray lacquer. After the finish is dry, place the leg between the ears with the tapered side toward the clock, and align the holes. Slide a piece of 1/16″-diameter brass rod (available at most hobby shops) through the holes to attach the leg to the ears. Install the clock insert and slide the leg out to display the clock.

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Freestanding Fretwork Clock Pattern