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Daniel Brown Gallery

A tutorial on Daniel Brown’s scroll sawn beehive is included in the summer issue of SSW&C (page 62).

In our summer issue (#83), Daniel Brown used epoxy resin to create a honeycomb effect for his scroll sawn beehive, and then mixed the material with a colored powder to create a completely different look for the bees’ wings.

You can use epoxy resin to add a water-like effect to an intarsia scene, fill in frets to create a stained-glass aesthetic, and more—you’re only limited to your imagination! Here are a few other projects Daniel Brown has created for his personal use.

Note: Stay tuned for a future shop article by the Staff at SSW&C on other great things you can do with epoxy resin!






Three Rivers Table with an epoxy resin-filled view of the region surrounding my Pittsburgh home (along with Roberto Clemente Bridge-inspired sides and shelf). The top was scroll sawn as well.
Multilayered ode to the Lord of the Rings, using orange acetate behind epoxy resin for both Sauron’s light-up eye and the lava-covered Mount Doom.
Very large intarsia entitled Punch It! in which I scroll sawed a huge number of star trails into an ebonized walnut panel and filled them with epoxy resin. I then installed Arduino computer-driven LEDs and a soundboard to create a multimedia Millennium Falcon from Star Wars flying through hyperspace.


About the Author

Daniel D. Brown is a breast cancer research scientist in Pittsburgh, Pa., where he lives with his wife Tamaryn, a mental health counselor and artist (@tamarynart on Instagram). He has created art through evolving media and styles for over 35 years. When not working or woodworking, he consumes massive amounts of sci-fi and fantasy audiobooks, and appreciates all manner of nature and wildlife. You can find his work, including frequent in-progress and how-to posts, on Instagram @laughingmantisstudio.

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