Marvelous Wooden Maps


Marvelous Wooden Maps

Do you love map-related artwork as much as we do? Here are some fun ideas from around the web to get you started on your next project! Adapt them to make your own wooden maps of a favorite town or vacation spot.



Scroll or carve a 3-D topographical map of the coastline.

(Make sure to include your favorite shipwrecks.)

Street (inlay style):

Handcraft a wood-inlay map that puts an elegant spin on your Google Maps image.

Try it in Oak, Cherry, Purpleheart- the sky’s the limit!

  Street (fret style):

Balance practicality with chic by scrolling an intricate fretwork street map.

Hang on a living room wall or gift to your favorite cab driver.

  Country or state shape cutting board:

Don’t forget where you belong, even while chopping radishes.

Pay tribute to your home state by scrolling a fun cutting board in its honor.

(Colorado and Wyoming, you have it way too easy.) Even cut a small heart into the corner where your special someone lives.

USA pallet:

With a little paint, you can give your scrap wood a new lease on life.

Make a USA wall hanging that puts a modern twist on the timeless red, white, and blue.

World wall cutout:

Record all your travel adventures on a homemade push-pin map of the world.

Use one variety of wood for the whole or go rogue and cut each region from one of its native wood types.

  Puzzle (tray):

Wow your geography teacher with a hand-stained intarsia puzzle map.

Puzzle (jigsaw):

Scroll a puzzle map that doubles as a wedding guest book or reception seating cards.

Fictional (Game of Thrones):

Design your own wooden map of Westeros, Narnia, or Middle Earth.

Scroll or carve the battle maps for your next D & D campaign.

You are the king or queen of your own castle!


Scroll and woodburn a pirate map for your child’s next birthday party.