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Wixey Digital Angle Gauge

WEB-Wixey-on-Scroll-Saw-VIf you make scroll saw baskets, bowls, relief cuts, or angle your saw table for any other reason, the Wixey Digital Angle Gauge will make your life easier. This handy tool attaches to most saw tables (or saw arms in the case of the Excalibur saws) using strong magnets. Accurate to 0.1°, if you zero the gauge when your saw is perpendicular (square) to the blade, you’ll easily be able to return the saw to this common cutting position after cutting on an angle. It also allows you to return the saw table to the same angle if you need to change it mid project, or if you want to cut the same project sometime in the future.

While the angle guides on most saws are relatively accurate, the end user often needs to adjust the guides for maximum accuracy. Then, if the saw is moved, the guide is bumped, or even if it’s left to sit for a long time without being used, the guide can move out of alignment, require you to readjust it. The Wixey Digital Angle Gauge eliminates all of that. Use whatever method (trial and error, formula, or software) you prefer to determine the angle you need, and use the Wixey to set the angle.

The gauge is also useful for making angled cuts with a band saw, table saw, or compound miter saw. You can also use it to set the table on a belt sander, disc sander, or spindle sander.

There are two versions of the Wixey: one comes backlit, with makes it easy to read the digital readout. The other version comes with a digital level, which makes it easy to restore your table perpendicular to your saw blade. I find both useful; it really depends on what you prefer.

The Backlit angle gauge is available for $29.99 and the angle gauge with level is available for $39.99. Both are available with free shipping from Wixey,,

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