2016 Design Contest / Contests

The Votes are in for the First SSWC People’s Choice Contest 2016

Congratulations to the first winners in the 2016 People’s Choice Contest!

We are trying something new this year. Instead of running one big competition, we are breaking it into ongoing mini matches. Plus, we are offering cash prizes! Special thanks to our first contest sponsors, The Wooden Teddy Bear and Mike’s Workshop.

The first category, announced last fall, was Toys. Although we didn’t receive many entries, they were strong designs that demonstrated creative scrolling and finishing. We’ll be talking to some of these scrollers about sharing their patterns in future issues. 


1 construction puzzle

First Place: 3-in-1 Heavy Exceptional Transport Puzzle Set

Eric Van Malderen of Dendermonde, Belgium, designed this set of three puzzles, each of which depicts a piece of heavy construction equipment: a heavy duty tractor, type M.A.N. TGX XXL (21 pieces); a lowbed semitrailer (21 pieces); and an excavator, type Caterpillar (29 pieces). “Sometimes we all are impressed with the things and machines we see,” said Eric. “Exceptional transports are one of those. The drivers of these special transports must be heroes in our busy daily traffic.” The project is about 24″ long and made of 3/4″ plywood.


2 kia sportage

Second Place: Kia Sportage Model

Elzear Guignard of Bathurst, N.B., Canada, built this model car to resemble his own 2008 Sportage. The car is 6″ by 14″ and made mostly of maple with walnut trim. Elzear noted, “The steering wheel actually steers the front wheels of the car.” He also made the matching showcase.


3 zamboni

Third Place: Zamboni Model

Nick Sabetti of Ottawa, Ont., Canada, designed this zamboni, 4″ by 10″, using photos and sketches of machines he worked on during his career as a technician. He made the model from basswood with some pine and cedar.