Victorian Fretwork Cross

Victorian Fretwork CrossInspirational design is a beautiful symbol of faith

By John A. Nelson

The large open frets and sweeping curves make this beautiful cross a good project for both novice and experienced scrollers. The design allows you to make large blade-entry holes to minimize time spent threading the blade through tiny openings.

Cut the cross from ¾”-thick hardwood for a striking wall hanging or choose ¼”-thick stock and add a contrasting backing board. Mount the cross on a solid piece of wood and enclose the project in a frame for a stunning shadow-box effect, or cut the frets first and stack a piece of contrasting wood or colored acrylic with the cross blank when cutting the perimeter. The colored acrylic produces a stained-glass effect perfect for display in a sunny window. Apply an oil finish to the project and glue the contrasting backing board or acrylic to the fretwork with cyanoacrylate (CA) glue.


• Wood of choice: ¼” to ¾” x 8″ to 10″
• Cyanoacrylate (CA) glue
• Oil finish of choice
• Wood of choice or colored acrylic: ¼” x 8″ to 10″ (optional backing board)

• #5 reverse-tooth blades or blades of choice
• Drill with 1/16″-and 3/16″-diameter bits
• Rags or paintbrushes to apply finish

CLICK HERE to download the Victoria Fretwork Cross Pattern.


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