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Poolside Fish Coasters

Fish Coasters-Lead-zPoolside Fish Coasters
By Bob Duncan
Design by Ellen Brown
Cut by John Martin

Summer entertaining usually centers on spending time outdoors. Whether it’s a pool party or a barbecue on the deck, it’s easy to show off your scrolling talent with these great fish coasters.

Infinitely stackable, the variations of colors are limited only by the colors of wood and the colors of acrylic available. By stack cutting, you can mix and match wood overlays and acrylic backers for an endless assortment of unique coasters.

You are not limited to making coasters out of the fish pattern; in fact, the only limit on what you can create is your imagination. You can cut the pattern out of colored acrylic to make sun catchers, or enlarge the pattern and add a wall hanger to create a wall hanging, or even use the pattern to make a cookie press–the walnut oil creates a food-safe finish that dries hard and can be washed.


Hardwood: 1/4″ (6mm) x 4 1/2″ (114mm) x 3 1/2″ (89mm) (overlay)

Acrylic, colored: 1/8″ (3mm) x 4 1/2″ (114mm) x 3 1/2″ (89mm) (base)

Boiled linseed oil


Reverse tooth blade: #3 (fretwork)

Reverse tooth blade: #5 (outside profile)

Drill bits, assorted

Glue, silicon-based or waterproof epoxy