Stack-Cutting Compound Projects

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Stack-Cutting Compound Projects

issues-ssw46-IX-Stack-Cut1A thicker blank and two front-­view patterns will increase your compound-cutting production.

Recently, I was planning to compound-cut several classic reindeer. I usually cut them from 3/4″-thick stock, but I found some 1 1/2″-thick stock. I cut the blanks to the correct length and width, but instead of resawing the stock down to 3/4″ thick, I attached the side-view pattern to the blank. Then, I attached two front-view patterns to the thick blank.

Use tape, a business card, or some other method to create a zero-clearance table insert. Cut both of the front views first; I use Flying Dutchman #3 Polar blades. Use clear tape to secure the cut wood in place. Then, cut the side view, remove the waste, and free the two projects.

Because you are cutting thick wood, choose a soft wood, such as redwood or poplar. I increased my production rate by one-third using this technique. IX-Stack-Cut2

Jim Stiek

Tulsa, Okla.

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