issues-ssw31-spypodA decoder ring, rubber band gun, and other secret tools in one compact project that would make James Bond proud

As I child I was fascinated by the gadgets that Agent 007 had at his fingertips. When my children were younger, they had their own spy toys and they inspired me to create this unit for today’s secret agents.

The shape of the SpyPod is based on popular personal music players and video games. Five clever gadgets are incorporated into the unit that slides discreetly into your pocket.

The handy decoder ring on the front of the SpyPod allows you to send and receive secret messages. Slide the knob to the side for access to a magnifying glass. Twist that lens around for the front of a telescope. Flip the eyepiece out to complete the telescope.

The reflective screen lets you send Morse code to other operatives. When all else fails, an agent needs to be able to defend himself. Hidden inside the SpyPod is a miniature rubber band gun for these occasions.

To get started, permanently transfer the pattern for layers 1 and 6 to your stock. With layer 1 on top, create a stack of six layers by wrapping masking tape around the outside edges. Use green or blue masking tape which isn’t as sticky as ordinary masking tape.

Rubberband gun

Rubber Band Gun

Decoder Ring

Decoder Ring

Message Reflector

Message Reflector

Magnifying glass/telescope

Magnifying Glass / Telescope

Zany Wooden Toys


Layers 1 & 6 normal
Layers 2, 3, 4 & 5
Layers 1 & 6 reversed for T-shirt transfers