Solving the School of Fish Puzzle Box


Solving the School of Fish Puzzle Box

Watch an expert open and close this simple aquatic treasure box

By Rolf Beuttenmuller

Designed By Bill Miller

This angelfish has a secret—a couple of them, actually. Not only is another box hidden inside, but the box itself is built from concealed layers. Due to the thickness of the wood required, cutting a nested box from a single piece of stock often requires a band saw. However, by using multiple blanks and careful cuts, you can get the same look using just a scroll saw. Add to the fun—and conceal the construction method—by decorating the box with painted, woodburned, or carved accents. Special thanks to Bob Hershey (carving), Kristen Scanlan (painting), and Jo Schwartz (pyrography) for their sample designs.

The box is simple to solve if you know what you’re doing! If you’re struggling to open (or reassemble) your box, watch the video below.

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