Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts 2011 Best Project Design Contest: Traditional Fretwork


Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts 2011 Best Project Design Contest: Traditional Fretwork

issues-SSW44-DesignThe People’s Choice and Editor’s Choice winners along with all of the entries in the Traditional Fretwork category







Solid Celtic Cross

by Ron Tremback, Killaloe, Ont.

Ron Tremback and his wife, Patti Robertson, learned to make Celtic patterns to honor Patti’s Scottish ancestry. Patti worked out the technique on paper and then applied it to fretwork patterns while Ron experimented with cutting the knots. He explained, “I decided to see what the piece would look like if I cut out the intermediate pieces as well as the knots. I was completely surprised that the finished piece looked so three-dimensional.” Ron made this Celtic Cross from white ash and finished it with a combination of boiled linseed oil and citrus thinner. Said Ron, “Of all the pieces of fretwork we have made, this stands out as one that sent tingles down my spine when I finished with it.”






by Jordan Veshoski, Struga, Republic of Macedonia

“The inspiration to create this little table most probably came out of my poetic soul,” said Jordan Veshoski. Jordan noted that he spent a month “planning and creating the little table in my mind” and another month making it. “The design itself was created simply line by line, a creation of my mind drawn from a memory of the perception of the earthly goods seen through my eyes.” Pragmatically, he chose beech for the table because it was available and easy to work. Jordan’s table is very pretty. Both the fretwork and the overall design are well-balanced and appealing.




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