Scroll-Friendly Monogram Patterns


Scroll-Friendly Monogram Patterns

This scroll-friendly alphabet is perfect for your next weekend project!


Stick them on boxes and picture frames to liven up home decor. Use them to personalize a child’s bedroom sign or make magnets for the fridge. Heck, even sand one down and wear it as a pendant around your neck.

We used them to decorate toolboxes for our workshop. You can find Dave Van Ess’s fun and easy toolbox pattern in our Summer 2018 issue of Scroll Saw Woodworking and Crafts, available on newsstands April 17 or for preorder via our Customer Service department, 800-457-9112.



Download the pattern HERE:

WEB-SSWC71-Toolbox Monogram Patterns

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For more on easy scroll saw projects, see the Big Book of Scroll Saw Puzzles by Tony & June Burns. Available for 19.99 plus S&H from