Santa’s Clockwork Carriage Video

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Santa’s Clockwork Carriage Video

Watch the carriage meander across a table while Santa keeps pointing north

By Rolf Beuttenmuller

Santa fretwork designed by Sue Mey


The ancient Chinese developed a chariot that used a simple differential system to keep the arrow or figure mounted on the chariot pointing the same direction (usually south), regardless of the direction the chariot turned. These Chinese South-Pointing Chariots were the inspiration for this piece. But for Christmas, I decided to create a clockwork carriage for Santa that would always point north. You really have to see the carriage in motion to appreciate the simple but effective differential gear system that keeps the figure pointing north.

For complete patterns and instructions to make Santa’s Clockwork Carriage, seeĀ Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts Winter 2016 (Issue 65).