Rotating Christmas Pyramid *correction

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Rotating Christmas Pyramid *correction

issues-ssw21-Pyramid-LeadCreate Holiday memories with this instant heirloom that combines delicate fretwork and old world charm

The dimensions on three parts of the Christmas Pyramid Fan article are incorrect.

The Lower Ceiling platform should be 3 5/16″ x 5¾”. This will mean that you need to re-center your hole for the dowel.

The slots for the lower roof section are also incorrect. First, determine the center of the roof pieces. Then measure 1″ out on both sides of the center. This mark will be the INSIDE of the slots.

Increase the size of the dowel rod to 7½”. Also, do not epoxy the nails in place until you have dry-assembled the entire project and have made sure that it spins properly.

Scroll Saw Workshop Issue 21 – Holiday 2005 has the step-by-step instructions for completing this project.  Unfortunately, that issue is out-of-stock.


Candle Fan Roof correction
Candle Fan Ceiling correction