We Review Unicorn SPiT Gel Stain

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We Review Unicorn SPiT Gel Stain

With 20 vivid color choices, this nontoxic gel stain is perfect for projects that need a visual pop

By Danielle Schagrin, Kaylee Schofield, and Llara Pazdon

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When Michele Nicole, art director at an adult day care center, couldn’t find a nontoxic stain that satisfied her need for color, she invented her own. The result is Unicorn SPiT.

“In order to keep the adults safe and engaged, she created a solvent-free color stain for restoration projects to stimulate their minds and senses,” said Theresa Waugh, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Eclectic Products (Unicorn SPiT’s manufacturer). Michele’s son came up with the catchy name.


Rolf Beuttenmuller brought his dragonfly to life with Unicorn SPiT’s vibrant colors.

We found, when working with this product, that it engaged most of our senses on a high level (though not taste; Unicorn SPiT is nontoxic but NOT edible). Its vivid hues and kooky color names—among them Dragon’s Belly, Squirrel, and Pixie Punk Pink—engaged us visually, while its gel texture (thinner than acrylic but thicker than most oil-based stains) made us want to finger-paint on all the workshop walls. It proved easy to mix—with other Unicorn SPiT colors and with average water-based craft acrylics—and, when applied in one or two coats, it dried as quickly as an acrylic paint would.

Also worth noting is Unicorn SPiT’s unique scent. Most of the stains, paints, and other materials we work with smell anywhere from neutral to just plain rank (we’re looking at you, epoxy putty). Unicorn SPiT, however, has a flowery aroma that makes using it quite pleasant—the matte variety radiates a light jasmine scent, while the glittery ones smell like lemongrass.

General Notes

Unicorn SPiT also comes in sparkling colors, which we used on our glamorous ghost.

We noticed early on that although the glittery variety looked striking when wet, most of the glitter rubbed off when dry. If you plan to use this version, apply it to areas you won’t frequently touch—like we did with the freestanding “Boo” ghost—or coat the glittery areas with a thin layer of resin or varnish.

With thicker applications of the matte variety—as in the galaxy swirl breakfast tray—we noted very slight surface cracking as it dried, but this did not occur in any other instance.

See how we created this galaxy effect in the Fall 2019 issue!

Unicorn SPiT works best on items without an existing finish. For upcycled furniture and similar projects, remove the previous finish with stripping gel and/or a sander before applying Unicorn SPiT to the surface.

For tutorials on dozens of Unicorn SPiT-based projects from stained glass to canvas shoe art, check out their website, unicornspit.com.


Versatile, colorful, and aromatic, Unicorn SPiT is a great addition to any craft closet. Kids and adults alike will enjoy experimenting with this unique stain–we sure have!

For more information about Unicorn SPiT, visit unicornspit.com. To order, visit eclecticproducts.com, or call 800-349-4667.



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