Reindeer Ornaments


Reindeer Ornaments

issues-ssw21-Reindeer-LeadChanging the size of the pattern gives you endless variations with these designs

The obvious uses for these patterns are ornaments or gift tag holders, but there are a variety of other possibilities.

-Enlarge the pattern, cut it out of plywood, and add holiday lights as a window decoration.

-Make the pattern very large, cut it out of exterior plywood, and place it in your yard.

-Add supports to the back and put a candle behind it to cast interesting shadows.

Step 1: Copy the pattern. Attach it to the wood, using your method of choice.

Step 2: Drill blade-entry holes. For the interior detail cuts, use a drill bit just large enough to feed the #3 blade, or your blade of choice, through.

Step 3: Cut the inside fretwork. Use the #3 blade or your blade of choice. Start in the center, and work our way out. Do the more delicate areas first.

Step 4: Cut the outline of the ornaments. Use a #5 blade or your blade of choice.

Step 5: Sand off any rough edges or burrs left by the cutting.

Step 6:Apply your finish of choice. After the finish dries, spray the entire project with clear lacquer.


  • ¼” x 4” x 5½” Hardwood or plywood of choice
  • Spray adhesive or graphite paper (to transfer the pattern)
  • Assorted grits of sandpaper
  • Finish of choice
  • Clear lacquer


  • #3 and #5 scroll saw blades or blades of choice
  • Drill
  • Assorted small drill bits

Click the article attachment to download the patterns for this project.

Reindeer Ornament pattern
Reindeer Ornament #2
Reindeer Ornament #3