Proud Unicorn Puzzle


Proud Unicorn Puzzle

Scroll a regal beast straight out of a fairy tale

By Judy and Dave Peterson

The unicorn has stirred people’s imaginations since antiquity. Legends about these elusive creatures abound in folklore and early religious writings—they’ve even appeared as heraldic symbols on shields throughout the world! Any creature about which so much has been written and speculated is bound to be proud, so I titled my design “Proud Unicorn.”

Cutting and Finishing

Select a board and attach the pattern with repositionable spray adhesive. Cover the pattern with clear tape to prevent burning. Then cut the puzzle.

The cutting on this unicorn is pretty straightforward. Be careful not to use too much pressure on delicate areas, such as the horn and tail. Once all the cuts are made, sand the puzzle with a 120-grit sanding pad chucked into a drill press. Then touch up any rough spots on the edges and round the corner with a Sand-O-Flex abrasive wheel. Work your way progressively through the grits until you reach 180.

Finish as desired. To highlight the maple’s distinctive grain, use natural Danish oil. Pour the oil in a Ziploc bag, dip the pieces, and allow them to drip-dry on paper towels. Check for irregular drying and wipe off the excess as necessary. If you want to paint your puzzle, a pastel palette of blues, lavenders, yellows, and pinks will bring your unicorn to life.

Click Here for the Pattern


• Maple, 15/16″ (2.4cm) thick: 9″ x 9 1/2″ (22.9cm x 24.1cm)

• Spray adhesive: repositionable

• Tape: clear 2″ (5.1cm)

• Finish: Danish oil

• Paper towels


• Scroll saw blades: #7 reverse-tooth

• Drill press with sanding pads: 120- and 180-grit; Sand-O-Flex abrasive wheel (assorted grits)

About The Author

A former teacher and librarian, Judy Peterson found her niche in life as a woodworker. A winner of many design awards, she sells her puzzles at art shows around the country. Her husband, Dave, runs the record-keeping side of the business. See their work at Together they have written several books, which are available at



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