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Product Review – Pégas Super Skip Blades

pr-super-skip-bladesBy Mindy Kinsey

The new Super Skip blades from Pégas have wider gaps between the teeth than the normal skip-tooth configuration, creating a blade that cuts very quickly. In fact, these blades move so quickly that I had to turn the saw speed down while I got used to the action. The blades cut 1/2″-thick plywood and 1/16″-thick acrylic with a smooth finish and whisked the surface sawdust away. I didn’t stack the acrylic, but it did not heat or break, and the edges were clean. A #5 blade slowed only slightly when challenged with inch-thick wood and cut it without scorching. If you like an aggressive blade and appreciate a smooth finish, try the new Super Skip blades from Pégas.

Pégas Super Skip blades are made in odd sizes from #0 through #9, plus #12. They are widely available online and from specialty retailers.