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Kampel’s WoodFil Epoxy

pr-woodfil-puttyBy Bob Duncan

While there is a variety of wood putty out there to fill nail holes or minor dings, Kampel’s WoodFil Epoxy makes the repair process even easier.

This two-part epoxy putty comes in a variety of colors; you can also mix custom colors using the standard selection. To use the putty, simply cut off a slice, kneed it to mix the two parts, and press it into a hole. The putty’s texture allows you to fill a hole without applying a lot of excess that will need to be sanded off. The epoxy does not shrink as it dries, which means a hole only needs to be filled once. You can even mold the epoxy to repair a damaged section. When dry, the epoxy patch can be sanded, cut, and drilled. It never changes color and cannot be stained.

The WoodFil Epoxy is available for $11.15 per tube from