Pinewood Derby Special Issue from WCI

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Pinewood Derby Special Issue from WCI

misc-SIPPWD_317412883Pinewood Derby-style Race Cars is the go-to guide for building a winning racer!

Since the first car rolled down the track in 1953, Pinewood Derby’s popularity has grown into a yearly event that promotes craftsmanship, healthy competition and strengthens the bond between parents and children.





Inside this special issue from Woodcarving Illustrated, you’ll find:


  • The Principles of Speed
  • Choosing the Design
  • Design Worksheet
  • Weight Matters
  • Spray Painting Made SImple
  • Creating a Custom Finish
  • Applying Decals
  • All About Axles
  • Winning Wheels
  • Adjusting Alignment
  • Rail Riding


  • Making a Basic Wedge Car
  • Build a Hot Rod Racer
  • Off-Road Racing Jeep
  • Creating an MG Roadster
  • Shop-Tested Car Patterns

Be sure to check out these free patterns:

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