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Never Fail Blade Chart

Choosing blades is easy with our detailed reference chart.

Suffering blade bewilderment? Use this chart to choose the right blade every time!

Choosing the right blade can make the difference between smooth, easy cutting and a ragged, poorly cut mess. But there are lots of different types of projects plus tons of blades on the market, multiplied by infinite wood possibilities. How do you choose the best blade?

Help is here—literally! Download and print our Never Fail Blade Chart. It cross-references the most common types of scrolling projects with types and thicknesses of wood to recommend the best blade for the job. Hang this chart near your saw and you’ll never suffer blade bewilderment again!

Note: The chart is sized to print on standard letter paper, but will scale nicely to 11″ x 17″ (“tabloid”), which makes it a little easier to read from a distance.


Pro Tip

Blades are intended to be disposable. Buy them in bulk and change them often—you’ll probably use several for each project you cut. If you notice scorching, slowing, or rough cuts, change the blade.



Never Fail Blade Chart



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