It's Playtime


It's Playtime

issues-gizmos-Red_Rocking_Horse_silo_196266287Vintage toys taught children to work and play


For almost as long as there have been people, there have been toys. The earliest examples date back thousands of years. Toys were found in Tutankhamun’s tomb, and yo-yos are clearly visible on illustrations dotting ancient Greek pottery.

“I’m sure cave mothers improvised animal bones and other found objects into toys for their children,” said Judith Katz-Schwartz of Twin Brooks Antiques & Collectibles in New York.

Early toys were made out of durable materials that could stand up to rough play, and that often included wood. Wood formed the base for hundreds of popular early children’s toys, from building blocks to rocking horses to dollhouses.

These toys often served a purpose beyond merely occupying kids’ attention. They were also learning tools. “Almost all toys were ‘just like mom’s (or dad’s),’” Judith noted, “so children could learn to perform the jobs they’d be required to do in adult life.”

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