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Gizmos & Gadgets 2015

Gadgets & Gizmos is a special issue of Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts. While it is not a part of the regular subscription, it is available from your favorite retailer or from Fox Chapel Publishing,, 1-800-457-9112.





In This Issue:




WEB-Slide-Gilsdorf-FeatureMultigenerational Woodworking

By Abigail Brubaker

After learning woodworking from his father, Bob Gilsdorf shares the fun with kids everywhere. Click here to read more about Bob.


WEB-Slide-Gator-SnapGator Snap

By Bob Gilsdorf

Watch your fingers! This bean bag toss game is ready to bite! Click here to see this gator’s jaws snap shut.


WEB-Slide-ToucanToulouse the Talkative Toucan

By David Wakefield

Follow the nose–this active push toy is fun wherever it goes. Click here to see him talk as he walks.


WEB-Slide-NoisemakerWooden Ratchet Noisemaker

By Eric Hart

Raise the roof with this super-loud but super-simple toy. Click here to get a preview of how loud it can be.


WEB-Slide-Gatling-GunRapid-Fire Rubber Band Gun

By Mark Stevenson

Clever mechanism lets you shoot as many rubber bands as you can load. Click here to watch the rubber bands fly AND see how to reload the gun.


WEB-Slide-LabyrinthMaking a Labyrinth Game

By Troy Hawkins

Make a game of skill for as little as $1.50. Click here and watch the balls roll.




WEB-Slide-Wooden-Bike-FeatureRide-able Art

By Abigail Brubaker

Jay Kinsinger’s wooden bicycles are anything but old fashioned. Read more about Jay’s work here.



WEB-Slide-PillboxDouble-Slider Pillbox

By Niklas Oberfeld

Small-scale puzzle box is great for cash, mints, or even pills. Check our wood toxicity chart before you cut to make sure you’re using food-safe wood.



WEB-Slide-Marble-RacerTwo-Track Marble Racer

By Art Mulder

You’ll love making this marble racer, kids will love playing with it: win-win!



WEB-Slide-FrankenswitchFrankenswitch Cover Plate

By Mike Ryan

Transform your home into a mad scientist’s lair with this gear-driven switch. Click here to see the Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts’s mad scientist exert control over the lights.


WEB-Slide-Gear-ClockEasy-to-Make Electromagnetic Gear Clock

By Alfred Mifsud and Rolf Beuttenmuller

Add an electronic circuit to simplify this wooden gear clock. Click here to see the pendulum swing and gears move without a weight or spring.



WEB-Slide-Dug-North-FeatureWhimsical Wooden Worlds

By Abigail Brubaker

Dug North’s automata are complex machines–and yet, the opposite of today’s technology. Click here to read more about Dug and his machines.


WEB-Slide-Katz-und-MausKatz & Maus Wooden Automaton

By Christopher Blasius

A determined mouse endlessly chases a mouse in this simple project.



WEB-Slide-CowboyCowboy Automaton

By Chris Fitch

Simple gears make this cowboy and horse come to life. Click here to see the pair race away into the sunset.


WEB-Slide-BallerinasDancing Ballerinas

By John Hutchinson

Up for a challenge? This gadget with gears and cams will keep you on your toes! Click here to see the synchronized dancers in action.



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