Fretwork Heart Box

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Fretwork Heart Box

This challenging design will showcase your cutting skills

By Sue Mey

Cut by Rolf Beuttenmuller

For a gift they’ll love both now and later, cut this keepsake box and fill it with your Valentine’s favorite treats. The box is sized for storing trinkets, but you could also upsize the pattern to make a larger box for big gifts.

Making the Box

Cut the design, and then cut the perimeter of each piece. Carefully sand the pieces. Glue and clamp all four sides to the base. Center the lid liner on the lid and glue it in place. Glue the handle to the top. Apply a clear spray finish.


• Wood, such as cherry, 1/4″ (6mm) thick: 5″ x 25″ (12.7cm x 63.5cm)

• Sandpaper

• Wood glue

• Finish: clear spray


• Scroll saw with blades: #1 reverse-tooth

• Clamps

Download the Pattern Here

About the Author

Sue Mey lives in Pretoria, South Africa. To see more of her work, including a wide variety of patterns and pattern-making tutorials available for purchase, visit She can be contacted at Her pattern book, Lighted Scroll Saw Projects, is available from and other outlets.


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