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Fretwork Easter Ornaments


By Tom Sevy
Design by Volker Arnold

This set of interchangeable Easter ornaments will be a great addition to your spring decorating—and since they can be stack cut, they make ideal sale or gift items. They aren’t difficult to make, but they do require some careful and intricate scrolling.

There are two egg patterns and three inserts for the eggs: a cute little duckling, a crowing rooster, and an Easter bunny. Make several sets to use for table decorations that can be sent home with your guests. You could also tie string through the top to decorate your Easter tree or to hang in a window—the traditional German practice.

Because these ornaments are small, this is also a good project for using up small scraps of wood.

Plywood, baltic birch 1/8” x 12” x 12” (3mm x 305mm x 305mm) (to make three of each of the five patterns)
Masking tape
Temporary-bond spray adhesive
Sandpaper, 220 grit

Blades, reverse-tooth: #1
Drill with 1/32” (1mm)-diameter bit
Drill press, hand drill, or rotary power carver that will hold tiny drill bits
Needle files
Marker, fine (optional)

Click below to view the fretwork easter ornament pattern.

Fretwork Easter Ornaments