Fauna and Fowl Trivet


Fauna and Fowl Trivet

Folk art-style fretwork protects your table and decorates your kitchen

By John A. Nelson
Cut by Leldon Maxcy

This beautiful trivet is almost too pretty to cover with a hot pan or dish. The project is great for beginners and advanced scrollers alike, and anyone looking to add a special touch to their table setting.


Getting Started

Attach the pattern to the blank, drill blade-entry holes and the birds’ eyes, and cut the fretwork.

Cutting & Finishing 

To cut the sharp corners in this trivet design, I suggest using flat blades. Choose a medium-tone or darker hardwood, such as cherry or mahogany; the darker wood hides any scorch marks from hot pots. Most film finishes, such as varnish or lacquer, will break down over time with the application of heat. I suggest Danish oil or another oil finish, which tend to soak into the wood and protect it without flaking off.


    Download the Pattern Here



• Hardwood, such as cherry or mahogany, 3/4″ (1.9cm) thick: 8″ square (20.3cm)

• Finish, such as Danish oil


• Scroll saw with blades: #3 reverse-tooth

• Drill with bits: 1/16″ (2mm)-dia.



John A. Nelson is the author of Fox Chapel’s popular Scroll Saw Workbook, available at foxchapelpublishing.com.


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